Since 1994 over 1000 session over 100 TMI lines student in Worldwide

Reikikurssit Suomi

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Reiki tanfolyam lehetőség

 Június vagy Július  Magyarországi Usui Reiki tanfolyamok. 

Ezekre a tanfolyamokra előre be kell fizetni.

Ezek árai UR-mester 250000 forint! R1+R2 45000 forint. 

 4 elem tanár 45000 forint.

 in Hungary and  Thai!

Lehetséges Reiki tanfolyam helyek, Budapest, Balaton, Siófok, Dunaújváros. Illetve Helsinkiben vagy Thaiföldön Koh Samui -ban

Változtatás jogát fenntartom!

Tanfolyam most Helsinkiben R1 130 euro, R2 180, Mester 800 euro!

Speciális ár engedmények, lehet hogy finnül van! :)

1, 1+1, 2+1 - In the Path of Knowledge you should step in side only with bowed head and Honour to all Life Form.

tradicional usui reiki certification

four elements certification

gendai reiki ho certificate


Reiki 1 tanfolyam




2 tanfolyam




Usui Rei ki Mester Tanító


Tűzfal és Homok beavatás Mantrával

Csak saját vonal Tradicionális Tmi mestereknek!

Nem nyitott Gendai vonal mesternek!

Vain Reiki Opettaja kurssi


Gendai Reiki Ho mester




4 Elem Beavatás

Tanítóknak technika és gyakorlat



4 Elem tanfolyam Beavatás



Víz mágia tréning




Energia tréning 1




Energia és Mágia




Elözö élet meditáció

Past Life Regression therapy


Hungarian Life language teaching euro/hour

Ancient most origin language for the Good God language in the Universe, origin from Sirius system!

Most reach language version if 2.000.000 words (English 300.000)

min 2hour = 7euro

Buda and Jesus spoke Hungarian?

Let see booth learn the Schytian-Magyar Light temple, where the secret language and the teaching language was old Hungarian! Booth spoke a lot of language they life, and they was Magia Masters of Universe and Kings!

So what you think? <smile>




Elözö élet meditáció  mestereknek

Past Life Regression therapy

for Teachers



Reiki tanfolyam

Quality of Usui Master Course version 1: in the world wide.  in side Reiki TMI ® Master ® , 4 Element Teacher ® (usually not available another linage, tell me if is), water magic, LMT meditation system, power of mantra technique.

Quality of Usui Master Course version 2: in the world wide.  in side Reiki TMI ® and Gendai Master ® , 4 Element Teacher ® (usually not available another linage, tell me if is) , water magic, LMT meditation system, power of mantra technique. Incarnation Teacher technique. 

This page in really not very much make any difference who are looking for the own way to find own Soul and Spirit. Even the money look like never has problem how want here learn. I have seen a totally money broken man how 2 week later call he has a money for a Master degree and 2 months later has a well paid international job. Also I see rich people how has not money for course. Usually this is a first step to warrior who step in the path must made.

I heard and read a well organized groups with lot of money tell traditional Usui Reiki must give just free, never was in really life. Fake friendly websites just like to make really weak all Spirit teacher also suggest is a bad think to get pay for spirit work, like from moral question side. fakereiki group yes they usually has some nice coverage job page and job like they help people, sure they do! <smile> Some of group tell God not want to heal people, really? But be realistic even travel gasoline they sale for 10 time more what is cost, blablabla sore this go all to Healthcare. :)   I have seen Fake groups setup a Reiki and another Jesus healing international organisation. For who use Jesus (Universe First Spirit) name to bad sense, god luck for them they will answer to our Universe First Spirit. I'm sure they will find interesting, when Christ-kereszt will open the seven seals. And Universe First Spirit not will same lookalike like last time! Healing with self suggestion not bad at all, but when the priest telling Jesus will save you do not need your house and your money give the Church! That point just disturbing a lot and make your stomach vomit! Plus I do not feel any Christ energy from a priest just what the people own self suggestion bring than!

Be open your Heart, try do in the daily life the best what you can. That is the most important! Those spirits of Buda (wrong writing Buddha, her honour the name of Scythian head city Buda or Budapest), Jesus (birth of Nazír Hun Saka-Scythian empire King), God level Egypt spirits and the our planet builders are here in human body. Just believe your own Soul you will find connection even the our Creator Good Good I has, so is possible for everyone!

Our modern history is fake, we actually forget the level where we came from we do not evolutes, we just lost the knowledge of the Universe! Some Universe cultures rich 2 millions years ago, what we forget now.

Ah and one more thinks Christ not will this time save just make order, but do not must believe me just meditate with him and find out the true!

And The End I have seen people who ride the course, telling they know they must come here, and when I begin the day I ask why they want to learn TUR, they answer was like this: really please tell me about what a heck is Usui-Reiki and what we will do in here? I think our Spirit already knows inside our Soul before we go any place. <smile> Esoteric Tales


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