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Szívében él a Magyar és tetteivel alkot: Attila

In her Heart live the Hungarian and her deeds his creation: Attila

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Jó Isten - Good God bless you here!  1, 1 from the 1, 1+1to 2, 2+1 - In the Path of the Creation Knowledge! You should step in side only if Honor all Life Form. Shield Symbol: Full Moon In the Sun アッティラ  レイキ

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Sun Warrior way is the Peaceful Warrior way!

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Origin teaching since 1994 over 2000 session over 130 TMI lines student in Worldwide


Four elementsOrigin School of Four Elements Attunement. The Real Teacher not doing nothing else, only show us to real side of our self. Like a life rhythms some time good some time bad! Being a free Soul you should face your nice and ugly side or you just can run away and face it an another Time! Attila Kupi the official line keeper of the Four Elements courses Secret Attunement! All Price in euro.

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Mikao Usui Reiki

Dr Mikao Usui  the Founder of the Usui Reiki Teacher System

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Ohm mani padme hung

Reiki Master healer Diana

Diana Magdolna Benedek Usui Reiki Master

Update:  2017 Oktober. 23      Helsinki, Vantaa Suomi - Finland

Usui Reiki Master Students

Usui Students

Usui Reiki Master Japan

Usui - Chiba Mark

The Dr Mikao Usui and traditional Chiba mark, or family crest, a circle with a dot at the top.

This is an ancient form of healing. It was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui of Tokyo, Japan towards the end of the 19th Century.

Dr. Usui had spent many years on a quest for the secret of the ancient enlighten knowledge. He usually went to a mountain top in Japan and underwent a 21 day purification, fasting and meditating. In the Time at the end of which he received enlightenment and the power of healing. He came down from the mountain and spent the rest of his life practicing and teaching what we know as Rei Ki.

Mikao passed his knowledge in courses onto about up to 20 Usui Reiki Master and made Mr. Chujiro Hayashi Reiki Traditional Master with the responsibility of training all the other  teachers. He took Rei ki to the USA in 1936 where he met up with one of his students, Mrs. Hawayo Takata going on in 1938 to make her a Master. Mr. Hayashi died on 10th May 1941. Passing on the Traditional Master to Mrs. Takata beginning the west lineages. At this time there were many living Masters under her leadership. However, she went onto  22 Master ships before her death on 12th December 1980 when she willed the title of Reiki Traditional Master to her granddaughter Phyllis Lei Furumoto. After Mrs. Takatas death the western Rei ki movement split into many directions. Most know: The Alliance' led by Phyllis Furumoto and The Radiance Techniques which was led by Barbara Ray ( Benedek M. Diana and Dr Eva Rudas lines ) and based in the USA. Several other branches grew out of the Alliance. Healing has gone on from strength to strength now being practiced worldwide. Reiki four elements > Chiba Mark - Usui Do System

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Reiki Master grave Tokyo

Dr Mikao Usui Reiki grave Map by Google


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