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Egy az Isten - Hun Magyar rovásírás

Attila the Hun Tengrikut

آتیلا هون تنگری کوت

Once Upon a Time, One Time was, one Time was not Esoteric Tales

And Who do not believe, please find out your self the True!


Tengri, Tenger mean ocean Ancient Hungarian language Magyar, mean also God. Pointing to ocean of creator! Ocean is Tengerek Ura = Óceán - Lord of Seas.

Kut or kút mean fountain.

So the best translation to English:

Tengrikut - Fountain of God


Magyar = Isten földi képviselője

Representative of God on earth

Hun warrior

 נציגו של אלוהים עליי אדמות

The West fear him. Hungary is a holly land time to time, a Hearth chakra of Earth. Before the present time until 40.000 years Hungary was honoured land or holly land where nobody can make any War!

Great Hungary map

Great Hungary map until 1920

Hungary the land what the Partus Prince Jesus told Johannes go the Holly land. Attila was also highest 24 carat Hun Magus like Jesus Christ from a Partus Empire Bethlehem. The real Bethlehem somewhere here Beit lehem can be see google map.

نماینده خدا بر روی زمین

Ruler of the Hun Empire

The West Kings stolen lot of Hun Scythian gold from area now we know Hungary. Hungary this time was not lot of Hun warrior this was mostly Temple area. Also Attila has contract peace treaty with westerns Kings. The Westerns broke the ceasefire!

Scythian gold But for those people who is coming from Atlantis all those westerns Kings was too much temptation easy gold, They stole lot of tones gold and kill lot of Hun Holly Priests. After the attack news go east to Attila Hun Empire. The Hun army later turn back Pannonia area. They start track the gold from city to city in west countries.  Hun army find only a part of those gold!

Picture: Gold Scythian pectoral, or neckpiece, from a royal kurgan in Tolstaya Mogila, Ordžonikidze Ukraine, dated to the 4th century BC. The central lower tier shows three "White" Horses (Táltos Ló mystic hors of Magyar-s), each being torn apart by two Griffins Eagle (Griff Madár the mystic bird of Magyar-s!).

When he arrived Gate of Rome the Romans ask: How are you and what you want? He answer: I'm Whip of God and I come to punish those how steal the ancestor Scythian gold and killed the priests of Avar Holy land Pannonia. What Attila not find and the West countries not was turning back, you can see all famous West Museum name of Scythian Gold's. Attila also was study in Rome he was roman patrician and he was Scythian prince, he spoke about 7 languages. That was mostly the cause why he do not destroy Roma! He give amnesty to Rome, but this maybe not was a good idea, because after that the Rome delegations give beautiful girl to Be a wife and she or somebody from the delegation put poison in diner, and he died next day. 

Attila Hun Empire

Gog Magog Hun empire

Attila name meaning?

Scythian origin name not a country only name of archer bow people. In the Satanic culture in west or like Nostradamus told Antichrist believers created an false stories about Attila, Jesus and all what history we know has bin manipulated. Also they made ugly picture to history how He look like. Like they make to Jesus too. Everybody who knows all high energy level leaving beans has a beautiful and balancing face.  

Ancient language Magyar

Ten - Tengri - Tenger the God or our Creator is everywhere! Like the universe time reflection God him  self. That right He told not make picture God. How you can make a picture of everything? You can not, but for antichrist people the first is paint a man, so they can tell God is not everybody or not everywhere, that how lubricate the satanic people false reality and they false creation.

Writer: AK

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