Reiki 3A Level attunement

Reiki TMI ® attunement is essence of all Reiki techniques which I have learned from various Reiki teachers.

(Radiance Technique, Karuna, Traditional. Reiki, LMT technique)

Two of my good friends Benedek M. Diana and Jozsef Rakonczay

also used some of this technique with his attunement.

They had enlightened vision.

2 days you will receive Reiki Attunement.

The third Reiki class opens you the way to control the energy flow with your mind

and will as well as to interact with higher dimensions, using the fourth Reiki symbol, symbol from the beginning.

In the third attunement you get symbols and resounding mantras.

And you will learn moor symbols and practice.

You will feel the Leading Meditation Power.

Usui Reiki Meditation System and practise in the daily life.


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